Via San Gaetano 60 - 23880 Rogoredo di Casatenovo (LC) 


The first time the Choir presented itself outside its Parish was when in 1991, at December, during Holy Christmas time, it took part in a choirs meeting held in Velate Parish (Country of Milan), with three other parochial choirs.

Since that day, the first diffidence overcome and we made strong by positive first experience, we had some other meetings both in our and in other Towns in the vicinity, besides liturgical occasions in Milan's Dome for the ordination of two new Priests who were born in our Town and two charity concerts in juvenile prison L.Beccaria in Milan. 

It has been since 2002 that every year the choir is used to join a nice, a popular feast in our town, called Festa su l'era (Party on the courtyard), animating the party by singing old songs (samples available), belonging to our tradition, in Brianza region dialect.

2011: on May 28th our choir joined the charity concert "Tu sai tutto di me" ("You know everything about me"), inside the S.Eustorgio church in Arcore (MonzaBrianza). It was the result of cooperation with

punto elenco

S.Cecilia choir of Bernate

punto elenco

Roberta Crippa choir of Arcore

under supervision of directress Silvia Perego (R.Crippa choir, who has directed the concert), director Oliviero Fumagalli (S.Cecilia choir) and our directress Isabella Beretta, with the participation of Polish organist Krzysztof Ostrowski.

2007: eleven years after Don Valentino's sacerdotal ordination, on February 11th, the choir has gone to Sormano (CO), where Don Valentino is currently the parish priest; the choir has been welcome very warmly and cordially by local authorities

Fotografia di Tiziano Sironi

June 1999: sacerdotal ordination of Don Massimo:

Fotografia di Tiziano Sironi

June 1996: sacerdotal ordination of Don Valentino Vigaṇ, with Holy Masses in Milan's Dome and in our Parish.

Fotografia di Tiziano Sironi

January 1995 and May 1996: charity concerts in juvenile prison L.Beccaria in Milan

Holy Christmas 1994:  Christmas chant, in our Parish, a meeting with Marianese choir, Our Lady of Assumption choir and Parish of Maresso choir. 


June 1994: Holy solemn Mass to celebrate fifty years since sacerdotal ordination of Don Luigi Corti (our Parish priest)

Holy Christmas 1992:  Waiting for Christmas, a meeting with "St Joseph artisan" choir of Lissone (MI)

June 1996: celebration of the Sacred Heart of Jesus at Triuggio (MI)

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